Saturday, 20 June 2009

Matches in Prep for Champions Trophy

Hi All, 

I am currently in Frankfurt, Germany at present playing two test matches against them. Today we played them and won 3-2 with me managing to score along side Jo Ellis and Susie Gilbert. With this result we have a rematch tomorrow with another point to prove. 

Last weekend saw Spain travel to English lands for two test matches at Beeston, Nottingham. The first match resulted in a 1-1 draw with my Club team mate Katie Long scoring a super goal. The second match result went our way winning 3-1 with a much better team performance. 

We are currently preparing for the Champions Trophy, Sydney in July  where we will be competing against the top 6 teams in the World. Tough competition faces us being ranked 7th in the world but will be a good challenge and going forward to London 2012 where we would like to be one of the top teams it will be a good stepping stone. 

Keep watching for more updates on our travels as a team. 


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